Saturday, November 15, 2008

New Addition -- Ryleigh Ann

We have a new addition to the family -- Ryleigh Ann. She arrived on Sunday, November 2 and stole our hearts the moment she discovered America.

As far as Ryleigh's birth . . . to describe it in one word -- FAST!!!! I started having contractions around 4 a.m. on Sunday morning. Having had contractions with Avi for more than 24 hours before she was born, I figured I had a little time. Around 6:20 or so Keith heard me breathing deeply during a contraction and said, "This is it, huh?" During that contraction my water broke, so I headed to the bathroom as Keith called the midwife, Lisa. She said she would pack up her stuff and head over, but not in a real hurry. Once I got to the bathroom, I could feel the baby's head, so Keith called Lisa back. Needless to say, she picked up her pace in getting here. Good thing, since Keith was not interested in delivering this baby. Lisa arrived at 7:10 in her bathrobe and with her husband, Vince. She normally has an assistant but her assistant was located in Maryville, a good 30-40 minutes from here, so Vince was called upon to assist. With Lisa in place and the next contraction, Ryleigh was born at 7:23, just 13 minutes after Lisa arrived. Quite the whirlwind of a morning!!! Much different from Avi's birth.

Ryleigh weighed 8 pounds and was 20 inches long. Avi sure seems to be enjoying being a big sister. We only hope the Ryleigh survives all the "loving."

Here are more pictures.